In your opinion, what’s better, a hydraulic foot log splitter or an electric one?

slide manual log splitter work

The hydraulic log splitter is a reliable and efficient log splitting tool that functions on the hydraulic mechanism and which can be used to split large chunks of wood in a short time span. The electric log splitter performs the same function, but works on electric power and is smaller and lighter in weight than a hydraulic log splitter. To know more about which of these two would be better for you to use (manual slide log splitter), you need to take a number of points into consideration.

The hydraulic log splitter is a product that you can use anywhere. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors without worrying about the functioning of the device being hampered in any way. With the electric log splitter on the other hand, you need access to a standard 120 v power outlet to keep it running. It is therefore impossible to use this product in remote locations. The hydraulic log splitter comes with an extensive shelf life and can be used for at least six to eight years before being replaced. The electric log splitters have a long shelf life too but are more sensitive compared to hydraulic log splitters and need to be well maintained over the years if they are to perform with efficiency.

When it comes to splitting wood that is very large and thick in diameter, both the electric and hydraulic log splitters can do a good job. However, since the electric log splitter only needs power access to function, it can be less exhausting to use this log splitter to cut heavy sized firewood and that too in large numbers. Overall, the electric log splitter offers a more efficient and effective performance in comparison to the hydraulic log splitter.